Monday, September 10, 2012

nine eleven

Sept 11th
I woke up that day after it had already happened. I lived on 13th street and ave B about a mile from the towers. My sister called to see if I was ok. It took her a while to get through. It was close to 11am when I finally woke from the ringing. I got up to answer the phone. I heard her voice on the other end
Are you OK?
Why wouldn’t I be?
They took down the towers.
Who did?
Osama Bin Laden
Who is that? What towers?
I was still half asleep. It took me a while to understand what she was talking about. When I finally got it I burst crying. I never even visited those towers. I never much cared for them and then I felt like my friend was gone. I could see the plumes of smoke out my window where they used to stand.

There were no cars below 14th street, only ash that looked like snow. It was so quiet on the streets. It was so scary, what the f where we going to do now. How would life ever be the same. What was gonna happen. I would have to pass a barricade of national guardsmen to get onto 14th street to do my laundry. They would look inside my laundry bag before letting me through. I would have to show them again with photo id to get back home. I would try to find the same guy who let me out so I could get back into my block with as little stress as possible. Things were nuts.

The streets were covered with those heartbreaking devastating posters of the missing. People in the street would cry with you, hug you, pray with you. Then people started getting together and having parties. I had a dinner party, Mmy apartment was packed, everyone brought food and sat around and relished the company. We needed each other and we were there for each other. A fighfighter who I had never met before was in my apartment. PEOPLE CAME TOGETHER. It was the best of times and the worst of times. Amazing and Overwhelming with sorrow. We were so openad and felt so much. We supported eachother and we moved through it, better people because of it, but at a great cost.

God bless you all, the victims, the survivors, the cops and firefighter, true heros, and the families and friends. New yorkers. Citizens of the world. All of us. Peace on earth good will towards people.

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