Thursday, October 18, 2012

Life begins outside your comfort zone

Life begins outside your comfort zone. That is what I heard twice this week. My mother used to say, nothing ventured, nothing gained. Just do it. For me all of the challenges used to be about external risks. Cut your hair, make a band. Go on stage. Audition. It still is about things like that, but more and more it is internal risks that I have to step up to the plate for. My biggest challenges are about growing, changing, feeling more, going deeper, getting closer to human beings, loving more. Love is the biggest challenge. Love yourself, love your neighbors, love each other, love your family, love your kids, love your partner. To love is a verb. If you want to love someone, act lovingly. That is so fucking hard sometimes. Challenge is often (mostly?) about being willing to move through uncomfortable feelings like fear. Even if you are trying to get rich or win a race, there might be physical obstacles, but there are also mental ones, self doubt, fear.

In the end, playing it safe keeps you old and unattractive. Venturing into the light, into love and openness and vulnerability helps to keep you young and soft. Really, everything that we resist, that we are afraid of or closed to just involve resistance to feeling something. It’s just a feeling, an uncomfortable feeling, the world isn’t going to end!!! Caution to the wind my friends! Nothing ventured nothing gained. Open your heart. I am always writing to remind myself. Just do it. We can all just do it. Its easy, actually, once you get past the resistance.

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