Saturday, October 20, 2012

long live art

Me and my husband

Oh lord, me and my husband are two different creatures. I have never needed to find a partner who has the same taste in fill in the blank as me. Being really different and having different taste leaves lots of room for growth and new ideas. It keeps me young and vital to have someone who adores and supports me but does not reinforce all of my taste, which, in turn, does not keep me stuck in the mire of my own clutter. I am free to move around and grow and change and delight in our differences. And on top of that, he introduces me to all kinds of new things that I may never have known or appreciated otherwise. We like the phrase “less stuff, more life”. To me that includes less stuff I hold onto mentally as well.

When we put our daughter to bed, there is a short period of time where we are quiet, to make sure she falls into deep sleep. We will read or go online for that spell. Tonight I went online and saw that Jackie 60, a favorite nightclub of mine from the 90’s, is re issuing their tee shirt, which are beautiful. I want one. I browsed their website,, looking at the brilliance that is Jackie 60 and viewed a few clips they posted from the Jackie 60 movie. The clips were of my dear friend Marti, aka Marti Domination, doing her shoe dance, and then Flowrider and friends doing gay male go-go in Man-O-Rama. Both clips were stunning. My husband came over with his iphone and noted the clips I was watching and then showed me the clip he was watching, a young Walter Cronkite reporting about the Viet Nam war. We both laughed at how our clips were such great examples of our different personalities and tastes. Then he held his phone up to my computer, putting the 1960’s serious Walter at his news Desk reporting about the horror, in the stunning wash of vintage colors and textures, next to the barely dressed, perfectly bodied men, Flow and friends, dancing in the 1990’s brimming with sexual energy and joie de vivre. “Makes a beautiful piece,” he said. He was right. I am so lucky to be married to my gem of a husband with his brilliant taste that is so different from mine, and not so different.

No need to let differences keep you apart. Sometimes love looks different from what you were expecting. Do not let a small mind rob you of your dreams. Luxuriate in expansion. Stay open to the infinite possibilities.

60 days ago she was such a lovely child. now here she is with a gun in her hand. one of the greatests...

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