Sunday, October 28, 2012

oh i love the world

Dia de los muertos.

“Let us so live that when we come to die even the undertaker will be sorry.” 
Mark Twain

“Oh! I love the world! That is what pure art makes me feel”
Holly Ramos

Ah yes, the parking sucks and the graveyard is a madhouse almost like a san genero feast, still, I love going to the Hollywood Forever Dia de Los Muertos party every year. Dressing up walking with the masses, eating greasy food and seeing all the beautiful people and skeletons. The crowd is so peaceful and everyone is so cool. The alters are stunning and the performances sublime. This is my L.A.

My daughter is too young to sit still and let me do a full skeleton face so we did white face with some black on the eyes, ghoul style. She was thrilled to wear tons of flowers in her hair and jewels and makeup. I did my best to dress like a skeleton but came out looking pretty shabby due to lack of time. My worst costume ever, but who cares. We made it there.

Daughter got the idea to dance some freestyle interpretive dance on some graves and that was pretty fun. Then we found the stage with the Vera Cruz style bands playing traditional beautiful music with guitars, tiny guitars, harps and various strings, sung by gorgeous humans. Oh I love the world. That’s what pure art makes me feel. My daughter felt it too. She sat and watched for over and hour, as three different bands set up and broke down. Beautiful women stomped their feet and danced with beautiful man in traditional garb, like brides with lots of eye liner and lashes. What an attractive people. And of course we could not help but dance to La Bamba, the most famous song from that style music.

My daughter wants to go back again tonight. She does not yet know that that was a once a year event. On our way to the park she let me know that she did not want to go to the park, but rather the graveyard! I can’t wait till next year. In the meantime we still have a few days till the actual day of the dead, starting on Thursday and ending on Friday.....

I miss you dad. I hope all is well over there. Please come visit on thursday night. I will be looking out for you.

“Dia De Los Muertos is a time of celebration on remembrance. It is an ancient and enduring ritual when the living commune with the dead – a mystical night when the veil is lifted between their two realms and they may share a day together. It is also a time to come to terms with our mortality and become aware of the cycle of life and death. Rather than deny and fear death this event teaches us to accept and contemplate the meaning of mortality.”

Oh, I love life.

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