Saturday, November 10, 2012

Patti Smith- Gloria

Middle school. That is when you revisit the terrible twos. Your becoming who you are. Your hormones are surging. School is the most painful, other kids are the most judgmental. But you are open, alive, willing and able to talk about it all. Apparently you retain what you learned at that critical time. You are the most porous. You grow at the fastest rate since infancy. Your bones grow faster than your muscles, so it is hard to sit still. You are going through it.

In middle school my life was hell, and a storm was etched into my heart, one I have always carried with me. Blah blah blah, what a drag. But on the flip side, there was this one time where my mother was house sitting, feeding the cat of a coworker in our neighborhood. He was a young bachelor with a cool pad in the rougher part of my town. I went with her to feed the cat on evening and found a treasure chest of RECORDS. That night I took home a bunch of his records to listed to. I taped them onto a cassette tape. Dylan Highway 61 Revisited, Pattti Smith Horses and The Rolling Stones Exile on Main Street, which only contained one of the two discs.

We did not have much money and if you can believe it, there was no internet at that time, so you had to actually have a record to hear it. And magically these records appeared unto me and influenced my whole life. Moved me to my core and stayed with me forever.

How does it feel?

when you got nothing , you got nothing to lose

Jesus died for somebody’s sins but not mine.

People say beware but i don't care..

Etched in me forever. Perfect. Supreme. Come on!

Music is an emotional experience, more than notes, words and instruments. It matters for odd reasons. I was so lucky to go to that apartment. A weird twist of fate.

Alas, hand of fate, I always appreciate what is happening, I am being shaped and led and taught all the time. I write with gratitude and joy. Thank you.

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