Friday, January 11, 2013

send a smile over to you

I have a cold. I have not been myself for several weeks. I just want to do what I want to do. I am annoyed by limitations and have lost sight of the bigger picture so I write this to remind myself….

How many beings am I going to help leave this world. Hold their hands and be brave for them. Keep them safe and let them go. How many miracles am I going to get to be part of, watching them enter, having the privilege of seeing birth. New babies, one human being coming out of the insides of another, bloody miracle. How brilliant that we all came about that way, came into this world that way, the same. We came out of another person, lived inside a person until it was time to come out and be here now. How much has to be shown to us before we can trust. trust that it is all happening as it is supposed to. It is all perfect. We are safe. We are free. We are all the same. Equal. Perfect. Each other’s teachers. Love is all there is, ever. Birth and death come randomly into our lives to remind us of the big beautiful mystery of life. We get to have this…. thing… this experience. We get the privilege of being alive today. Use it wisely. Enjoy it. Have fun. It is fleeting, beautiful, perfect, a gift. Thank you.

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