Wednesday, January 2, 2013

soft heart in 2013

My New Year’s Resolution.

I live a magical life full of miracles. I try not to stress about the big stuff and it all seems to work out. Two nights before my non-refundable trip for three to NYC to spend Christmas with my family, my daughter work up crying and said her ear hurt. She is almost 3 and has never had an earache. I tried some crazy home remedies, yes hot oil and garlic on a cotton ball, but even kookier than that, I cut up an onion and put it into two small bundles, which I place in front of and behind her ear and I tied it to her head with a pair of pink fishnet stockings, the first thing I found when I looked in the scarf draw. The remedy was from my pediatrician’s book. She is uber natural-style, more so than me. So far so good. Anyway, the doctor is NEVER in on a Saturday and it was two days before Christmas, but I called her and she said “Come in, I am on my way to the office”. That was the last thing I would have ever expected. Then when she examined my daughter she said, “You must have done something right because she looks fine. You can fly tomorrow.”

I was so stressed over making a decision about what to do and so happy to get a formal OK. Our Christmas was so wonderful, white with reindeers and family and good food. It doesn’t get much better than that.

All these things happen and work out, it all works out. There is never a need to worry. You might have to show up and do the footwork but it all works out.

What I really wanted to write about was my New Year’s resolution- to be soft and non-judgmental, patient and kind. We watched A Tree Grows in Brooklyn over the holidays, a favorite book of mine as a kid, and it was a reminder to be here now, this is all you get. Value and respect these precious days, love your peeps and be kind to others, you never know what burden they have to carry.

I come from a tough crowd. Man we can put up some serious armor, but my goal is to feel this life and love my man and my daughter and take a look at myself and say I am sorry when I am wrong. I’m gonna lay down my sword and shield. Don’t need it.

Wishing you all a soft soft heart in 2013.

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