Wednesday, February 13, 2013

don't quit before the miracle, lovers

Ah, the things we bear.
So many difficult things happen and we persevere. When it is happening to you, it feels so personal and unfair, like you are the only sucker picked to be picked on. And then a minute a day a year a decade later it ends… this too shall pass? Yes?

This time of year is so intense. My birthday, then my daughters, then my husbands, valentines day, all follow the new year, and this week marks the two year anniversary of our court battle and victory.

Anniversaries are so intense, because I do not even know it is happening but my body does. I have much muscle memory, many big feelings and grief over that almost unlivable time. But I handled it and if nothing else it taught me that we can handle ANYTHING! What ever you think you are capable of, multiply it by 1000. When you thin you cannot go on, just take another breathe, you can do anything for one more breath, and maybe one more and one more. Don’t quit before the miracle. Corny as it is, I used to see that sign spray pained on a board at Lee Strasberg Theatre Academy. What a fun time. But anyway, the pop slogan is one of the truest things ever said. You can make it if you really try.
Love on dear ones, oh and happy valentines day. Thank you world for all the gifts in my life. I love you, Tom!!

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