Sunday, March 31, 2013


I was in kindergarten in ps 98, 5 years old, when it happened. I had heard the easter story, the story of Jess dying and rising from the dead, probably from seeing the two Jesus movies on TV, The Greatest Story Ever Told and KIng of Kings. I also happened to really want a View master, one of those toys that you looked at a revolving disk of slides through. Kids had then every now and then, and somehow I could never get a chance to really check it out and get a good look. I longed to check one out or have one of my own.
So one random day I was in class, kindergarten and there on a table was a View master. I had it all to myself, no one else was around or clamoring for it. I held it up to my eyes and saw some boring pictures of people in robes milling around and then I started to recognize that one was Jesus, in a white robe with long brown hair and a bead. And then I saw one slide of a stone rolled away from an emty cage and I knew what I was looking at and I cold not believe that photos existed of this, the resurrection. I was trilled and scared and in awe. I wanted  everyone to know. Did they know what was in our room, what I was holding? Photos of Jesus and the resurrection! Wow!. I donot remember what happened next did I tell the teacher or did I realize that it was just a recreation. I have no memory past that moment of awe.
I love the metaphor of dying in order to live again more fully, going through some version of a death of a part of ourselves, or of our old self so that the new can emerge. Alas, nature. Happy Spring.

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