Thursday, May 16, 2013

The first one through the wall always gets bloodied.

If you are the first to do something and it is hard, or you do not get credit, or you get credit but not financial gain, or others copy you and have more success and even take credit, or whatever, all I can say is go easy. Do not be bitter, just know you are a pioneer. Some one out there knows the truth and admires you. you did it first, that might be all you get, and that might have to be enough.
I think of Lemmy of Motorhead; Jack Johnson the first black heavyweight champion of the world; the subject of the film Moneyball; so many talented artists, musicians, actors, superstars; Obama; Marcia P Johnson; the first person in the family to change the dynamic; Jayne County: Wendy O. Williams; Susan b Anthony; the pregnant teenager who got arrested for refusing to give her seat to a white person, before Rosa parks did; the first ones to live in the dangerous neighborhoods that are now crazy expensive trendy neighborhoods; the trend setters who everyone copied; the ones who built the million dollar empires and got fired before the payoff; and on and on.
The first one through the wall always get bloodied. Man, you were the first one through the wall! I appreciate you. I see you. do not be bitter about the outcome. You did a great thing. You are in great company. You changed the world and sometimes that is all you get, no cash no prizes, just the experience. Some of you may get the cash and prizes too and some may do more great things. Thank you. Life is perfect. Life dances on.

i think i will put a fur song on here...Holly 1994

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