Wednesday, May 8, 2013

wade in the water

I was four or five and we were visiting some friends. We happened to be on a dock having a picnic and I was quite bored. I was eating my jelly sandwich, welch’s grape jelly on wonder bread, everything except the crust. I lay my face on the dock and peered down through the wooden slats to the water below. Then I pushed a piece of the left over crust through the slats and I could see some nice sized fish swim over and fight for the morsel. I did it again and got the same result. I giggled at the notion that I could attract fish so easily and my mind jumped with ideas.

So I got a paper cup and I took the rest of my sandwich off the dock and onto the shore. I waded in the shallow water in my bare feet with my bait in one hand and my cup in the other. I dropped in the bread and got ready to scoop. Man, those fish loved jelly sandwiches. But man, those fish were fast.

as you may have notice, i am unable to post sings here anymore, but i am posting the links so.....
TURN UP THE VOLUME, PEOPLE. Lets Wade in the Water ala Ramsey lewis Trio. the definition of cool

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