Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Hot Fun in the Summertime

Oh how I love summer and road trips. The combination of warm weather and free time invites me each time to travel around the roads of this beautiful America.  You can read all about my auspicious beginnings here
Now as a mom, I take my girl with me on our glorious trips. Yes, it is different because I need more space, more money, more patience and infinitely more time. Yes, we cannot take the same kind of risks that I did in my misspent youth or really any risks, but I can work with that. I cannot get by on beans and orange juice concentrate as I had in the past, as I have to always have proper food stocked for my girl, so I do.
This summer the stars were aligned and my husband and I were lucky to have time off at the same time. What a joy. So we hit the road again and lived as nomads staying in different places each night, eating out of our cooler, enjoying smiling faces and lovely places in our amazing state, CA.
Yes we played it cool, and kept it short, less adventurous, closer to home. Paris will be great when our family is a little older, but right now we are keeping it manageable, because ultimately we do not have hours to look for cool restaurants and long evenings to roam. Been there done that. Instead we need to get food into our girl by a certain time, so “find a place, get there, and eat” is the order of the day. Then we put our daughter to bed and we to are in for the night. I admit it is a strange adjustment to make in my forties, after yeas of roaming free into the wee hours, but I am fine with my choices.
The glorious truth is that family friendly road trips are amazing:
We hit Dolores Park in San Francisco, had a ball at the new playground, laid in the grass, ate cherries, pointed out every single horse and cow on the road (and there were many), broke bread with friends (great dear ones), drank iced coffee, savored smelling the garlic and onion fields in Gilroy, shopped, and blew a ton of quarters at musee mechanique, one of my favorite places in the world, playing pinball on the vintage machines of my youth, where a free game came at 4500 points. Thrilled beyond belief, I bucked that machine like I did in grammar school, trying to get it to do what I wanted. I’m out of practice. Then, I read at night with a flashlight- the first half of the Richard Hell autobiography, I Dreamed I Was a Very Clean Tramp, about the history of punk and then some. Had a hard time putting it down to ensure a decent night of sleep. Had to. Can’t wait to finish it.
Then we came home. When we got to our driveway my daughter started to cry and said she did not want to go home, she wanted to stay on the trip. So did I. None the less, we went home and ate the freshly picked ears of corn we got at a farm on the way home. It didn’t need a thing on it, but I put salt and lemon and complimented it with a glass of ice water with lemon and basil. I cannot think of anything better. I want for nothing. I have everything I need. It is all right there for the having. For all. Enjoy. Ah, divine magical life. Gracias.


  1. There's nothing quite like summer road trips is there? I love your blog!