Thursday, September 19, 2013

Adults are assholes

Not all of them but these two were.
Once I was at a park and I was on the swings. I was in 7th grade and I had on a shirt that I had made, a cool white long sleeve t-shirt that I cut open down the back and put back together with a line of 20 or so safety pins and on the front I hand wrote with a marker “PUNK”. I was swinging with my cousin, talking about life and enjoying the day. A younger kid wanted to go on the swings and we did not notice until the mother lost her shit and started aggressively insulting me, saying loud and frenzied, “That T shirt suits you , you are a lousy punk...” etc etc. She really said that to a 12 year old kid who she did not know. When I fianllly understood what was going on, I did indeed stay on the swing longer so that her kid could not get a turn. I get it mothers are fried, but really?
Worse was when I was in 5th or 6th grade and Patricia Dooley asked me to go with her to Stride Right to buy some shoes. She tried on some shoes that were kinda dumb and made a bunch of faces in the mirror and asked me what I thought. I thought they sucked but I said they’re ok. Do you like them? She modeled them again in the mirror making faces that seemed to mean that she did not like them. I was chewing gum and blowing bubbles while I waited for her to make up her mind.
“I don’t know,” she sighed.
“Don’t get them if you don’t want them,” I replied.
She sighed again and went to pay for them (?) and the short balding sales men came up to me, glanced around to make sure no could hear him and raged in my face in a hushed voice “you are so negative, you ‘re blowing black bubbles. Black Bubbles….I hope you blah blah blah” I get it, he had bills to pay and was having a bad day. It was the 70’s and the NY economy was tanking, but really?
If you are reading this I know you do not take out your shit on strange children, but I know that I can still lose it on the wrong person every now and then, so i write this for me and for everyone else, be cool brothers and sisters. xh

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