Thursday, September 5, 2013


The best part of being a band was getting to see parts of the world I might not go to otherwise. When Fur went to Europe we did the traditional England Scotland, Germany, but them we did Eastern Germany, parts of what had been Yugoslavia a mere 4 years prior, the three year old Czech Republic, and then Norway, and Sweden. I recall cresting over ice covered pink mountains in Norway, as the sunset tinted the white snow. It seemed like we were on the very peak of the mountain range and I could almost see the curve of the earth. I smiled and thought “look ma! I’m on top of the world!”
Eastern Europe is a whole different thing, stunning and old, strange and dark, like a stylish junkie, a former beauty with stories no honest man would believe. A man gave me a 5 million dollar bill there, as he told me that the old money was now worthless. I saw a girl with purple hair walking down a dirt road, as an old woman in a black gown walked with a white goat in the other direction crossing her path. There were no western chains of any kind. It was magnificent.
I could go on and on, but what I really wanted to get to was this story: One weekend we stayed on a farm outside of Stockholm in Sweden after a gig in the city. Because we were in a rich country the rooms were warm, well insulated, but the farmhouse we slept in had no bathroom, just an outhouse down the road. A bunch of folk from our tour were drinking moonshine with the promoter who got us the gig and whose farm it was. A few moose wandered by to watch. At some point I was separate, away from everyone else, in the complete dark. I wandered down a road to the outhouse by the light of the moon and I remember so strongly how I felt safe for the very first time. I felt so completely in my body and at peace in nature. I had never felt comfortable being alone in nature before. not sure why but I took that feeling home with me. Such a treasure and a gift, to be so far from home, so alone in a strange land and to feel so ok. i still feel that way.

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