Sunday, September 15, 2013

My purpose my calling and my fly

So.... I was walking to pick up my daughter at school and I was thinking grand thought about my reason for being on this planet. I had heard that we all have a purpose and a calling and that they are two different things. I was supposing that my purpose was to show up and do the work for the evolution of my soul. Yes, I kid you not, that was what I came up with. I was trying to figure out my calling on the rest of the 7 minute walk. I saw someone look at me and I did not compute what their vibe was. I did registered a tiny blip of awareness on a low level that something was a bit off.
I continued on my inner and outer journey, getting closer to my destination and my revelation. I was really feeling good, feeling myself in my body and liking my body, having gratitude and acceptance for it and of it, loving life and giving thanks and, yep, the whole nine yards. About six minutes into walking through my neighborhood contemplating all of this I got a second tiny hit of “off energy” from someone. At that point I looked down to notice my fly was full-on open. I was jolted out of contemplation and pulled my zipper up with a gasp. Classic joke as only the universe could pull off. At least I had on underwear.

sing it billy...."i don't feel bad about letting you go i just feel bad about letting you know ...."

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