Wednesday, September 11, 2013

sept 11

Yesterday I posted a silly blog to lighten the mood but today I do want to take a moment to just reflect on September 11th and honor everyone who went through that tragedy. I want to express respect and love to all of the victims and their families and friends, and the same to all of the heroes and emergency workers, cops and firemen.
This morning I watched footage from that day and the following days and was reminded of the absolute horror of the experience as a new Yorker. The confusion; watching so many worker migrating north, in shock; seeing so many people trying to volunteer their help-turned away because there was an overwhelming amount of people trying to be of service; all of the posters trying to locate missing people; the official death toll starting so low, with so few bodies recovered at first and the ensuing rescue missions which turned into the long long clean up and recovery process, oh my; the trying to construct information as to what was happening and what to do; the chaos.
So many hearts were broken that day, and so many people worked so hard that day. It seemed like things would never be the same again and they never were. it also seemed like things would never go back to normal, that we would live in that perpetual emergency and crisis, but we didn’t.
People are strong and we heal and go on. And that is amazing. Persevere. Honor. Respect. Be kind. Love one another. Peace.

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