Tuesday, September 10, 2013

veggie booty addict

I am an addict, I admit it…
In the early 1990’s when I was a swinging rocker in a band, djing at the greendoor, thinking I looked like Bridgette bardot, as I ran around in my handmade hiphuggers flinging my long blonde hair, no one could touch me, I was high on life and I did not have a problem. Yet. But at some point into the decade things started to fall apart. It was some time when I was working the door at coney island high or later at Niagara, that it all started. As a door girl you do what you can to stay slim and look good, but you get hungry standing there all night….
Yes, it started slow, but became a habit very very fast. I started eating a large bag of veggie booty every night. Every night whether I was working or not. I believed the hype. I thought I had found heaven, something that was delicious and not fattening, because it was puffed, not fried.   Sometimes I would need to leave the house at 2am to go cop. It was crazy, it took over my life. all I did was think about veggie booty I even smelled like veggie booty. I was a mess. Things got so bad that I knew I had to do something about it. And then I managed to stop. cold turkey.
I thought I was cured. I thought I was fine. I never touched the stuff again, never even thought about it for over a decade….until about a month ago. I innocently bought a bag for my daughter. She had had some at party and kept talking about it so I figured I would do something “nice” for her, and not be the strict food mom that I am. A little treat can’t hurt now and then, right?
Well I ate through a few bags last month and once again I am in the eye of the storm and I cannot stop thinking about veggie booty. Today I passed it at erewhon of all places and reached to pick it up but refrained…. God give me the strength.

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