Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Thank you perfect life

I want to express gratitude for every perfect thing that is my life. I am so blessed and lucky to have so much good, great and grand in my life.

Thank you people- my stunning and amazing husband, my beautiful delightful daughter, my supersonic sister, my reason for being here mother and father, my kind and caring family, my warm and fun friends, my supportive creative community, my lovely co-workers, and all the bright shining people I know.

Thank you universe for the option of adoption, which allowed me to be a parent and have my dreams come true, thank you to the brave parties involved for creative such a magnificent being and choosing me to be her mother.

Thank you world for the crazy interesting journey of a life that takes me everywhere I do not want to go and leaves me with gifts everywhere I look. Welcome this pain for you will learn from it Ovid. Hmmmmm...the pain teaches me and expands me and shapes me and shows me everything I need to look at ultimately, but that is only part of the story….

Thank you for all the fun and laughter too. The fun and joy and laughter and surprises and miracles keep me sane and restore me daily.

Thank you music and movies and books and plays and art and dance and stories.

Thank you universe for my prosperous job. Thank you that money, love, well being, and ease are attracted to me and flow to me from an unlimited source with greater and greater abundance everyday. Thank you universe that it flows to everyone, yes?

Thank you for every last bit of this life life life. Grand and glorious. Thanks for being in my life all you beauties out there. Thanks for reading.

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