Wednesday, December 11, 2013

My fav films of 2013

I have not seen them all, but I have seen a lot, both the big budget Hollywood studio stuff an the independent as hell, along with many of the somewhere inbetweens. Many were ok and good, a few are great. My taste is specific, I like good characters, good acting, good stories that make me feel something worth feeling, that I care about and that go somewhere. Pretty simple. The two best films of the year for me were Rama Burshtein's Fill the Void and Rebecca Thomas’s Electrik Children. You may have missed them.

Fill the Void was an Israeli film written and directed by Burshtein, the first orthodox woman to direct a film intended for wide distribution. It is the story of “an 18 year old girl who is pressured to marry her deceased older sisters husband, following the death of her sister in childbirth.” It is exquisitely shot and acted. As I have said before, I love foreign film because it can be a tool that reduces racism, showing us other cultures in a way we need to see them, in their humanness, human beings just like us.

Electrik Children, written and directed by Thomas, herself a mormon, is about a fifteen year old girl who is a fundamentalist mormon, and who gets pregnant by an immaculate conception. The film is magical and it rocks, as the immaculate conception has something to do with the song (Don’t Leave Me) Hanging On The Telephone written by Jack Lee, put on the map by Blondie, covered by Flowers Forever for the film.

I’d also like to include Jeffrey Schwarz’s documentary on Divine, called I am Divine. Divine is such an inspiring human being, so revolutionary, wild, free, beautiful, cool, incendiary really. Hell, just see the film, it will remind you of so many brilliant things about the world and it will make you want to love your body, live large and destroy something!! Go see all three! Halelluia and Ahmen!

I have only seen one of them so far, but I plan to see at least 6 others based on his recommendations. Sending love to all, stay cool for the holidays, no need to stress. Be kind to everyone, you have no idea what burdens they carry. I write that to remind myself.

ohh, i can't control myself

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