Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Xmas stress less

So my daughter was in perfect health this year, as our annual ny xmas trip approached. Every year prior she has had a winter cold and we are always in the doctors office the day before we fly making sure she is ok enough to go. This year was a dream…until 2 days prior to the trip when I heard a tiny cough. It was a tiny cough so I did not worry.

That night the sitter called to let us know that our daughter was running a fever. OK. We still had 36 hours till flying so if the fever broke in the morning we would be proceeding as planned. It didn’t break, it went up.

The night before the trip we packed everything and set the clock, hoping her fever would break during the night. It did not. This year we were at the doctor’s office instead of on the plane. We had to cancel our trip.

I felt so sad that I would not be seeing my family. It is hard enough living across the country and having a limited amount of time together, especially for my daughter, but then having that limited amount of time become even less was just devastating. I felt overwhelmed that there was no food in the house, because we planned it that way. I felt horrified at the thought that we now had a week with no plans at all, no Christmas eve plans, no Christmas day plans and we were house bound. And every present was in nyc. I cried.

But then I got over it. We would make the best of it. My sister kindly over-nighted the gifts which was so sweet, as my daughter would have her first Christmas here at our home, where she gets to wake up and open gifts. I also like the idea of having nothing to do and nowhere to go. So this is what rest feels like.

Then my daughter started to feel better and I looked at flights and realized we could still go see my family. I did not book it because I was not certain that was what I should do. Was my daughter well enough? Should I spend the extra money? When I finally decided that yes she was well enough and yes we should spend the money, the airfare prices had gone up an additional $200 per person, $600. I needed a Christmas miracle. 

I called the airline and told them the story. I was hoping they would feel sorry for me and give me the earlier fare or maybe they could comp me some points. I know it was crazy to think that but I tried. They could not help me.

I hung up the phone and put my dates into their website one last time and low and behold, one crazy cheap flight appeared. There were only 4 seats left at that price and the price was low enough that my points would cover one of us. I booked it. Hell yeah, I am going home for the holidays.

The over-nighted Christmas presents never came, but they still might. It is only 8pm, Christmas eve. Who knows. My daughter may not get any gifts until we get home. Lord have mercy, I worked so hard to get those gifts coordinated and shipped and blab blah. Oh well. I am not stressed. She will be fine. The house sitters will have them ready and waiting for when we get home. These are just luxury problems.

My daughter is falling asleep as I type. My husband and my daughter and I watched The Grinch before bed. We will spend Christmas on the plane, on the plane together. We will be with our family in New York after all. We are alive. We have our health. We have a few dollars to burn. I am so happy. I am so lucky.

Let us remember everyone who is going to be alone for the holidays with a kind prayer.

For 2014, my wish for you: may you have love and luxury, peace and presence, safety and beauty and health and joy inside, and may your cup floweth over. Happy holidays.

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