Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Acknowledge your accomplishments

Today and yesterday I went to the Echo Parenting Conference “Changing the Paradigm: Trauma and the Developing Child”. I went just to educate myself, to remind myself of the principles of nonviolent parenting, a super evolved school of thought, something that makes me a better parent and a better human being. I need to know about the development of my daughter’s brain, so I can best serve her where she is at, dig? The way their works affects society is that they look at "problem" kids in the system as just kids who do not know how to get their needs met. How would they know how to get their needs met if no one told them. They start by taking out the judgement and the shift is radical. They are changing the system, one kid at a time.
I cannot begin to explain it the entire Echo Parenting philosophy but they teach strategies based on empathy. My friend, writer extraordinaire Andrea Richards, just wrote an article on them, so I will have her link it once it is up for those interested. Please check back. Anyway, I love that there are radical thinkers out there doing great work and healing the world. That is what I am talking about when I say that all transformation is possible. I embrace the hard work of the evolution of my soul.
Richard Moss (who is not involved with echo parenting) says, “By the end of your lifetime maybe you’ll be able to make a space inside of yourself for the feelings you parents didn’t know how to make a space inside of them for.”  That is evolution! Transformation is going father than what you saw and what you were taught, growing bigger than your limitations. I love his work which includes the idea of changing the paradigm from looking at how much you make to looking at your capacity to be available and grow in compassion, because spending a life accumulating stuff has never worked for me.  Shift! Now! Wow!

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