Friday, February 7, 2014

alchemy 101

this is a reprint from my first blog, which i had to take down for various reasons. it is a good one and needs a veiwing....

alchemize yourself
My bus from DC to NYC, which usually takes three hours, took 6 hours. That would have been annoying on its own, but there happened to be a woman straight out of a Flannery O’Conner story sitting next to me. She was obnoxious beyond description, complaining on her cell phone and yelling at her husband and kids for H O U R S. I became fixated on her and was going insane in a prison of the Satre kind. It wasn’t until a couple of hours in when I remembered to meditate, to try and drop the resentment and search my heart for peace. It was there that I came to compassion and the very second I felt compassion, she shut up! The very moment I felt compassion, the bus got quiet.
Change negative emotion and feeling into positive ones: this is my challenge on a daily basis. Everyday I will run into the person who is annoying me, getting in my way, preventing me from having what I want, whether that is money or speed or quiet or space. Everyday I work to catch my negative feelings directed at someone who I think is “to blame” and then I work to get over it, which often involves moving from anger, rage, blame, and /or judgment and into compassion, forgiveness, and/or gratitude. Gratitude because, after all, they are all our teachers.
This change, from negative thoughts to positive ones, is alchemy. One of the hardest things to do, but it is how we elevate, how we move into our higher self. Hard great work, this is how you become the change you want to see, one way to work for peace on the planet. ‘Cause after all, if you can’t do it with the little stuff, how can you expect nations, leader, others do it with bigger issues and more at stake?

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