Friday, February 14, 2014

happy valentines day and god bless anarchy

Happy Valentine's Day. I am feeling sill and light hearted as I see my 4 year olds bed scattered with valentines day cards and a guitar......

I lived outside of society for years, rebelled against it all. F*** the Hallmark holidays of the consumer culture blabby blab. Some of you knew me back then, grammar school, high school and beyond- ah, anarchy, punk rock and all that cool stuff. god bless it all. ("god bless anarchy" does that make me sound like an old lady, at least a cool old lady, right??) anyway, i did it all, felt it all, moved through it all- thankfully, gratefully- uplifted with transformation, rather than the alternative of depressing defeat or bitterness or mediocracy. Victory of the mind and spirit for all is my dream for me and you and us and we! But i digress.

My point is that it is so nice to just enjoy goofy holidays without attachment or rebellion. Happy Valentines Day. Easy breesey style, like good morning and how are you today? muy bien, y tu? 

It is so nice to have a day that reminds us to celebrate L O V E . I wish you all the experience of great self love. I hope you feel beautiful because you are! I hope you all know the pure experience of being held and being loved. And of loving others pure and simple with a big fat open heart. That is as good as it gets, right there.

Anyway, lets messed it up a bit with some beautiful longing and pain for old times sake
here’s one of my favorite heart breakers, ….

oh, my a love the classic version, now check it out live, even better in some ways, so raw, so talented

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