Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Lupita and Marlon Brando

Lupita Nyong’o is a princess. She is the walking definition is grace. I am in awe of her presence. She is so eloquent and intelligent and compassionate and human. Woweee talk about a role model. Her Oscar speech was lovely. Her Essence Awards speech http://entertainment.time.com/2014/02/28/lupita-nyongo-essence-black-beauty/ is even better, as it shows who she is to an even greater degree. I am thrilled that she exists as she is an inspiration for me. Her beautiful presence in film and at the Oscars and in life in general is so strong and needed. Bravo.
I remember hearing about Marlon Brando’s rejection of the Oscar back in the day and hearing it dismissed and laughed off. I just watched an interview with him from that time period about his decision and he was so cool. His reasoning, you probably know but incase you don’t, was that Hollywood’s portrayal of Native Americans was unacceptable and it hurt people, particularly children, who need to see themselves mirrored. The only mirroring Native children were seeing in the media was negative and he spoke of the damage that that does. Having a star of such magnitude bring awareness to that issue was amazing, yet many people, in the industry and not, mocked him.
We all need to see ourselves mirrored in a positive light. Thank you to everyone who fights that fight in their large and small ways, thank you to everyone who manifests their value in big and beautiful ways in the media, and those who support the positive portrayal of the under represented. Lupita ended her Oscar speech by saying that everyone’s dreams are valid. And to further that idea…everyone is valid: gay straight trans white black asian latin female male old young large small everyone-i-did-not- mention all . Let us listen to each other, hear and see each other, welcome and allow each other, embrace and celebrate each other. I fail at these simple tasks all the time but people like Lupita inspire me to reach to be better, to do my best and grow. How beautiful is that.

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