Wednesday, October 1, 2014

ah life.....

As if I even have a moment to sit and write… but here I go…

What’s great? Well I watched a film from 2006 online about the band CRASS, my fav band from my high school, called There Is No Authority But Yourself. CRASS was the premier anarchist punk band, as some of you know. The intensity of their rage was equal to Ian McKay in Minor Threat, another fav of mine. I was mad, yep, but Crass was more than just rage, they were also so cool and smart and political. Yes, life times ago I was right there with them. I loved their minds and souls and everything they embodied. I even quoted them in my high school yearbook. A lot of what they were doing truly aligned with my personal beliefs at that time, as I was off the grid and in subculture for most of the 80’s and then some.

For last two decades I have been on the grid, purposefully and happily, I might add. But I still hold dear their anarchist aesthetic, how they were authentic artists and activists, quite beautiful to behold- even if I can’t listen to them and don’t agree with all of their raging beliefs anymore. Ah, life!! The movie is so fun, great to see where it all lead.

What else, Crissie Hynde, live and solo on kcrw this morning. She sang Talk of the Town, never my fav song, and made it sound so beautiful, her voice is so lovely and she was so down to earth and cool.

Lastly, amazon tv show, Transparent!!!! I am only two episodes in but so far it is killer acting writing and subject matter and do a see HOLLY WOODLAWN appearing!!???. Alas, there is controversy that the main transgender character is not played by a transgender person, but progress not perfection, people. This is historical and brilliant. Now let me go make a bottle for my baby.. miss you all… love on dear ones. Ah life….

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