Wednesday, January 14, 2015

A few things I used to think were cool, but i changed my mind about

As a young youngster I loved David Cassidy. I have no judgment of a childhood crush, but I loved him because I watched the Partridge Family. I had only seen the show as a child and then I watched it once as an adult and saw that he was, or was playing, a neurotic uptight drag. So uncool.  It was shocking to see the show and think that I fell for this character as a kid. Alas, a few of the songs stand up brilliantly to the test of time, so i will make room for the idea that art can move us beyond the obvious….or maybe he was just goodlooking enough. Wow, even little kids get tricked by looks.

As a young adult I was so into being a badass. I loved the idea of being too cool for school. There was this one female who was an x junkie and was so hard and tough and sexy and beautiful. She was my idol. Looking back, it scares me to think that that shut down damaged bad ass was what I strove to be. God bless her, but I have evolved into a much grander vision for myself. Soft and openhearted has replaced the need for a brick wall of toughness to be attractive.

The name “Rocket” for a daughter. Just not into it anymore

The name Papedrow for a son. (Pronounced “Pape”, like grape, and “drow” like in Woodrow) Me or my sister made it up, a name “that nobody had.” For  awhile I thought it was brilliant. It’s not.

Hmmmmm, I run into some problems here because if I don’t want to offend anyone, and I think that is what the rest of this list might do. It’s ok to offend but not for a pointless, silly blog. Not tonight.. Peace.

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