Saturday, January 24, 2015

be here now

oh hell, its late, I am tired, I am writing, forgive the writing, just focus on the tale.
sister in town, offered to watch kids so we could have a date. Offered to sleep over and let us sleep in her hotel room so we could SLEEP. How kind is that??!! Also offered to watch kids in ny so I could go to London with my husband for the BAFTA’s.
Leaving your kids overnight is so personal. I know that my son is not up for sleep overs yet. He is little, in separation anxiety (which is age appropriate) and he is adopted and was taken from the only person he knew at 2 days old and sent home with us strangers. That is a devastating experience. He needed so much love that first night I could not put him down. He slept only when on top of me for months and only recently can be moved from on top of me to next to me.  I know that he is not up for a sleep over and it would be really hard on the caretaker as well.
So I took my sister up on the date, but not the sleep over part. I asked her to come back in the morn so we could sleep in and she said yes! How grand is that??!! While on the date got a text that at 10:30 that no one would sleep and that baby would not even drink his bottle. We were ready to come home anyway. It made me happy to know that I know my kids. So glad I am not going to London. I would love to but this is just not the year. So great to have kind people in our life rooting for us nd wanting to make our dreams come true and wanting to help us enjoy this special awards season. So lucky. Proud to be a sensitive mom. Good night. 

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