Wednesday, January 7, 2015

happy birthday to me

I was going to publish a stunning photo of my untouched up/unaltered self and write “this is 49 looks like” in bold letters but I have a fever and muscle ache and am not in the mood. Maybe next week or so. I am sick as a dog on my birthday, which makes sense because I did a lot of psychic housecleaning this season and letting go of the old often entails some down time and mourning, yes?. I lay in bed and cried and the fever broke and the ache lessoned so I am suspecting that I am just down for the count and need to honor that.

I had my akashic records read, which I s a trip. Has any of you done this amazing thing. Talk to me if you have. Basically, a stranger on the telephone knows everything about you and then some. It is a deep examination of your life and drudges up mucho garbage that is ready to be let go of. If only it were that easy, but it kinda is. Still, I am just a mere mortal and have wound up with a fever and body ache. Urg!

Anyway, I am so lucky and privileged. I belong to a few underserved minorities, have experienced being a second class citizen, grew up at risk, lived in a private hell unconnected to my social status, went there and back and still here I am thriving, blessed, happy, alive, moving and a grooving, singing songs just for you, growing everyday, growing up everyday, having every opportunity in the world really, full of love and gratitude.

I am loved and I am love. Money, love, wellbeing, and ease flow to me from an unlimited source with greater and greater abundance everyday.
I have so much gratitude for all of the kind and loving souls in my life, my family and friends. Thank you, thank you thank you for all of the birthday wishes and kind words.

Sorry if this was lame. I am going to lay down now. Peace on earth! Take us out Toots...

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