Friday, January 2, 2015

i am happy for your success

Think big, dream big.

When I was on ny way to NYC to marry my husband, two unrelated people in two different incidents told me I was not going to get married!! Right after I said “I am getting married on Saturday,” strangers with power said to me, “Oh no you’re not!” Too long a story to get into, but imagine!!!  (You can read the details here.)They were wrong. I got married when I was supposed to, despite the challenges.

A few years prior I described my dream job at a workshop, saying te amount I would like to make and the amount of hours I wanted to work, big number, small amount of weekly hours, something I made up on the spot because we were asked to dream as part of an exercise. When we all said our dreams outloud, I had my turn and the woman running the thing rolled her eyes and said that that was not going to happen. The woman who was running the prosperity workshop and who had asked me to dream could not contain the size of my dream. Years later I manifested that amount in those hours.

Anyway, it is all possible. Don’t believe the negativity. Dream big. Have it all. Enjoy the ride. I am happy for your success.

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