Thursday, January 8, 2015

“I’m just talking to the dog.”

Fever and chills have me thinking about being 19 and having very little to say.  The 3 things that involved me that at the time I thought were interesting were:
1.   I stepped out of a slowly moving car not thinking there would be a problem and fell and hit my head fractured my skull and lost my sense of smell for a time.
2.   I went outside at a CBGBs hardcore matinee and came upon Vinny Stigma, the only other person out there, telling a dog “God Bless You”. When he turned and saw me standing there he said, “I’m just talking to the dog,” and went inside.
3.   I found a coin and marveled at its beauty, it seemed to have a strange design that involved a peace sign and a cloud. I drilled a hole in it and made my special find into a necklace. One day I noticed that if you turned the coin upside down, it was actually an arcade token and the design was just an inverted Genie.
That was my repertoire.

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