Monday, January 26, 2015

late night musings about dresses...

My sister is snowbound here with me in LA. Can’t get home. Superfun for me. Yesterday she reminded me how picky I was about clothes as a small child. Even at 4 I was hating the styles presented to me by sales people. For my confirmation in 6th grade my father took me to at least 30 shoes stores and nothing came close to he adult styles I had in mind So here I am looking at dresses for the Oscars and having lots of feelings. Surprise. I hand tailored and altered all of my clothing for many years. Every inch of every piece fit like a glove, remember. Even my Vivian Westwood pants were not perfect to me so i changed them. Part of that is my specific body and part is my specific taste. I miss having the time to hand alter every garment to perfection, but I got bigger fish to fry these days. Still, if I could I would just design the dress myself. Wish I had more time. Who doesn’t.

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