Saturday, January 31, 2015

near misses

Tom did not win the Eddie tonight. Iy was amazing just to be nominated. Que sera sera.

Near win made me think of some near misses that I was lucky enough to avoid. 

Once I was tripping my brains out and I dropped my heart shaped Lolita glasses onto the train tracks. I stood on the platform staring down at them trying to figure out how deep the tracks were and if I would be able to climb back out once I jumped down to the tracks and got them. My brain was spinning out. I loved those rare precious glasses. I was foolishly determined to get them. I was ready to wrecklessly jump onto the subway tracks when a man jumped down for me, without my asking, grabbed the glasses, hoped back up onto the platform like a professional athlete, and handed the glasses to me.  He didn’t try to talk or linger and that was that. His name was Angel, I am sure.

Much more serious was the time I was babysitting to kids in the east village. The Boy was 5 and was wild and demanded all of the attention and the little sister was maybe two and got by on very little. One night the boy went to play in his room, which was rare, and I got to play with the girl and give her all of the attention and we were having a grand time when I realized that I had not heard a peep out of the boy in a while and that I needed to check on him.

After finding his room empty and feeling a bit of panic, I saw him sitting on top of an upright piano that was up against a window, and that window was opened. The window was opened from the top. He was facing the open window, with no bars or guard rails. He had his back to me and I was able to grab him without startling him first. I have no idea how long he was there. All I know is that with one false move everything could be different. 

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