Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Oscar dress #1

So if you knew me back in the day, we, me and my crew and all the glamorous people on the lower east side, dressed up nightly. False eyelashes, Vivienne Westwood shoes, gowns or hot pants, or slips or just underwear, couture, vintage and handmade. Anything but off the rack. I ran with some lovely drag queens and fit in well because it was all about overdoing the feminine and f*ing it up with a punk edge. Fun stuff.
Fast forward to my wedding. I never sat around dreaming and planning for that day. The goal of our wedding was for it to be all about love and ease. I wore a hand made white cotton mini dress that I designed. Yes, I wore those Sigerson Morrison white crushed patent boots with the neon orange stitching and soles, but I already had them.  I could not find a better shoe to wear so I wore ones I had. I was super casual and did not have the need to D R E S S  UP. I had been dressing up for a decade and gotten it out of my system.
Now I am going to the Oscars and I have to D R E S S  UP! I am figuring it out and have many pals asking me about what I am going to wear. The irony is that I barely have time to wash my face each day with two kids and a job, much less think about this stuff, but alas, I will do what I can.
Well this is the first dress to be considered. It is highly impractical. Of course it is, you say. No, this dress is REALLY highly impractical. It is 100 years old, a 1920’s silk sequined gown that is so perfectly ME- it is glamorous sexy hippie all the way. I should just get it and wear it and be done. The problem is that it is $1800 and it is final sale and I cannot even try it on. It lives in Canada and that is how they do business. They won’t ship this ancient work of art unless it is paid for with no return policy. For all I know it could tear in half when I lift my arms, as old garments can be way fragile. So it is truly impractical. But it epitomizes the kind of dress I would like to wear. Do you hear me universe. It epitomizes the kind of dress I would like to wear. Hey, any rich eccentric patrons of the arts out there, if you want to buy it for me, I won’t say no, but even without the price tag, the dress might still be unwearable. Alas, I will keep you updated when I meet dress #2. Peace out.

Please check it out here, but zoom in and look at all of the angles to really dig it:

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