Sunday, January 25, 2015

Oscar Dresses, installment #2, the continuing saga….

My first generation American parents had strong old style New York accents and I learned many words incorrectly and to this day still say some words oddly. Growing up I thought a floor length dress was a gownd. Someone might actually have said to me, “She had boughten the gownd before the fiya” rather than “she had bought the gown before the fire.” Over the years it has always fun to uncover the real word. I remember hearing an Elton John song where he sang “as the whores and the drunks filed in from the street” and I made the connection that the word whore was the same word my parents pronounced “who-ah”, which rhymed with our pronunciation of sewer, which was “sue-ah”. But I digress….

I went looking at dresses today and I remembered that 99% of gowns are not particularly attractive or flattering. There are maybe 7 cuts and none are that great. I can’t really make a look book because I like so few and given my height, they are even less flattering on me.

So I tried on a million gowns today and did not like single one. The one style I do like is the Halston-esque, long sleeve t-shirt style gown. I bought one in black to wear to a formal awards this Friday, The Eddies, where editors pick the best editing. The gown is super casual made out of cotton but elegant. It has a scoop neck and long sleeves and I’ve run around in that style dress in the east village many time. It is hippie-ish and looks good with bare feet. I will wear it with heels and it will look great next to my tuxedoed husband.  Cool enough. The dress seems way too casual for the Oscars, but if I cannot find anything else I like at least I have it to fall back on.

The dresses I saw today were matronly or overdone or ridiculous or foolish or pajamaish or just unflattering. I will keep looking. This is exhausting. It is fun but odd. It is a bit like trying to plan your wedding in 3 weeks, or at least your wedding outfit, hair, shoes, dress, purse, and undergarment. And do I need a jacket type thing? Help.

One thing I learned is that if you are a nominated actor you are flown in, taken to a show room with tons of couture dresses and shoes and clutches, and stylists to help you pick the pieces and fit you. Then you are taken to another showroom for jewels and given free reign. Alas, we are not actors. So I am doing this single handedly. Wish me luck. I will keep you updated.

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