Saturday, January 10, 2015

somethings not right

Once my band played Maxwells and opened for Wayne Kramer. Wayne lent us his Marshall amp. When we hit the stage the Marshall was soooo loud that it was causing my body to not work.  I felt like the vibrations were disrupting my heartbeat. I had felt fine and then I was caught in a wall of sound not unlike a giant wave that surfers pray for and dread.

Fur was so stranger to loudness. Giorgio Gomelsky  said that we were the loudest band that rehearsed at his loft. Yet here I was having trouble standing up straight on the stage. I do not have the best brain organization so when I was sucker punched with a new problem on stage I was not great at problem solving. I never thought to turn the thing down, I just thought “get through this.” Ah, the coping devices of someone from a messed up home.

At some point I could not breathe from the sheer loudness and asked my bass player to sing the songs, something I had never done before or since. She did not know all of the words but fabulously faked her way through. I hit the final chord of the final song in the set and went back stage to lay down. I was spent. I saw a friend there and asked for a ride home and left the band to hump the gear back to NY while I rode home lying in the back if his truck, trying to hold myself together.

From there I clung to my toilet bowl as I vomited and howled before finally dragging myself to bed. There was probably more to it than the loudness, but that is how I remember it.

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  1. Gosh....I was THERE!! ....but I didn't see your set!! I remember this night specifically because a friend (actually my then future ex husband) got a station ID from Wayne that he still uses to this day!