Sunday, January 4, 2015

To have and to give

There are theories about money that say that if you give it away it will come back exponentially.  The concept is that if you are clinging you are living in a deprivation consciousness, and if you are generous you believe there is enough to go around and thus dwell in a prosperity consciousness. I am not a saint walking the earth giving away all of my possessions, believing that I will be taken care of, but if I chose to do that I am sure that it would work out. Just read Yogananda’s Autobiography of a Yogi. Belief indeed creates reality. I have experienced that to be true.

Tithing is the idea that one needs to give 10% of their income to the church. I do not tithe, but I put a percentage of every dollar earned into a fund that I can give away to worthy or needy causes- a not for profit that educates at risk kids, a political candidate or cause like gmo food labeling, an animal shelter, a homeless person on the street, a friend’s or relative’s or stranger’s medical fund, creative project, or memorial- the list goes on and on. It feels great to have disposable income to help the world in whatever way I desire. It is only disposable because I have decided it to be so.

I once gave money to the kickstarter fund for the creative project of a person I am not fond of. I had seen that it existed and secretly wished it failure. Then I made amends for my misguided ego by sending positive energy it’s way in the form of dollars to help it succeed.

I give to live in prosperity always. I always have enough to share, no matter what my income. I was raised believing that I am privileged and can share my time, knowledge, money or good fortune with the less needy. That is how we can make the world a better place

I have worked in fundraising and it is crystal clear that there are people in the world who give and people who don’t. Giving is not based on income but on belief. Some people with tons of money have no idea that the might have a responsibility to the world to help others. Others understand that it serves everyone, including themselves to help others ascend.

I write this not to brag at all, but to inspire. If I can do it, anyone can. Give it away! Change the world! It’s easy.

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