Thursday, February 12, 2015

1000 shoes

Urg, the shoe I thought I would wear does not look good with the dress so today I looked at 1000 shoes online and ordered 7 pairs that were ok, not great. All will be returned except one lucky pair hopefully. does anyone care? Its really not that important. Still i will be on my feet and out and about for 12 hours or more. The Oscars is a long long day. I am five foot nothing. I like high heels. I have mastered the art of comfortable high heels. Still I cannot find one pair that look ok with formal evening wear, a challenge I never had before and never dreamed of having. However, I am Holly Ramos, I will find an ok shoe. Fuck it. i hope my father is supporting me from the grave here, as he did when i was in sixth grade, making confirmation and trying on 10000 shoes, courtesy of his car and his patience.

My daughters birthday is tomorrow, so now I need to go wrap presents and get ready for her class party. We are trying to go low key this year, but it is still a ton of work. Does it ever end?

Sorry I have so little to say, check back in tomorrow and I will try to muster time, energy and ideas. Peace.

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