Monday, February 23, 2015

4 favorite oscar moments

I am getting reaclimated to planet earth, so this is going to be short-ish, I will elaborate as the week goes on.

1.   Before I got dressed for the event I walked to Geslons for a snack. time was getting tight. As I was going into the store, feeling stressed, a guy in a tuxedo carrying a box of pastries ran out the door screaming in major stress “I AM SO OVER THIS SHIT!” I wonder where he was headed that night?

2.   Tom and I were sitting about 10 rows back form the stage on the isle, 8 rows away and directly behind Oprah and Steadman.  When his category came up, the ushers walked us to the nominee box on the side of the stage. After Tom won he went backstage to do press. I walked back to my seat across the front of the stage, past all the movie stars and up the isle right past Oprah. She was relaxing into Steadman, casual and free. I looked at her as I passed with my beaming smile and she looked directly at me and like only a southerner could do, said “Hi ya!” playful, and loose, and dare I say, flirty! I beamed even more and said hi back and continued to my seat. Oprah flirted with me!

3.   Tom winning was too amazing for words! 

4.   Tom had the Oscar so we could walk up to anyone and be more of a peer than a fan and actually chat. That was really fun. The only person I cared about to approach, other than Oprah, who I did not see, was David Oyelowo, who was amazing as Dr. Martin Luther King in Selma. He was at the Vanity Fair party and we three talked for a good while and I got a hug! So sweet!

There were a bunch more cool things but you will have to wait till tomorrow. Alas, back to my life and work and changing diapers, where champaigne and caviar does not flow from an unlimited source. I packed up the $52,000 watch and the diamond earrings to return. At least I get to keep the dress!!!


  1. So wonderful to read your reflections of the moment. I'm a former Purchase student. Along with another former Purchase person (I was there for two and a half years; he was there for one year) and, of course, millions, we saw your husband win. Today, I saw on line that he was a Purchase alum - Wikipedia lead to me to your blog. I'm a journalist and I find it fascinating to read about what it is really like to be a participant in the Oscars. Thank you for that! And, of course, congratulations to Tom. I'm so happy to read in your blog that he represented Purchase. I bet the alumni magazine would LOVE for you or he to be able to sum up your thoughts in a short piece. Here's there email -- That said I bet it is simply crazy right now so I hope it is OK that I sent them a link to your blog. Their deadline for this issue is March 11. I also shared it with other alums on a Facebook page called Purchase Plus Thirty+ and The Purchase Mafia. Hope that's ok!

    Congrats again!
    Bill Marcus
    SUNY Purchase '77-'79 (Former Alum Assoc. President 1997-98)

  2. Thanks for sharing, Holly! Can't wait to hear more, just love it. I went to school with Tom at Purchase and couldn't be happier for him! xoxo