Tuesday, February 3, 2015

academy awards luncheon, prequel..

tired to the bone, so i sit and try to think of something to say...

oh, ok: getting ready for that academy awards luncheon, was really crazy. i did some stuff on line and washed some dishes and wasted precious time and then i had to rush. my make up came out better than the first black tie thing. practice does help and it has been a while since i have done a whole finished face. then i could not find my dress! i did not have time to get my stuff ready in advance because i am always working or parenting. there are minutes here and there, but there is always something else to do, like book a sitter, eat, take a shower, etc.

So i searched the closet, dumped every draw and then searched the closet again and found the dress. it looked great and so did my marc jacob shoes that i bought a while back, luckily! http://hollyramoswrites.blogspot.com/2013/06/tattoo-or-not-tattoo.html

i had to iron the dress and could not find the iron till i pulled everything out of the closet. i could not remember which slip i wore with the dress in the past, and remembered only that i wore a slip because the dress is tight and the slip would get bunched up if i did not remember to pull it down correctly. I pulled out my only light colored slip and found it to be in tatters with both straps having fallen off the cute vintage piece. i got out the sewing box and sewed the slip back together and when i finally put the dress on i recalled that there is a built in slip in it, so all the sewing was pointless.

This chaos i describe is what it looks like when i get ready. babies are amazing but for three years you really do not have a second to yourself. then there is my poor organization skills, which does not help matters. and then nerves. luckily tom was running late to, for many of the same reasons. we were only 40 minutes late but did not miss anything. so i just want to give myself some props here. with my husband getting all the attention, silly things feel good to me, like some whippersnapper winking at me or a photographer turning and taking my picture instead of the person-on-the-red-carpet's picture. I know, i know, external validation is never the answer, it is always a trap. so let me add this, my self affirmation: i am doing amazing, pulling my tired raggedy ass together and looking poised and graceful in a room full of pros, people who's job it is to look perfect. good job holly ramos. because people, life is an inside job. feel good now.

btw you can see tom standing in the row just under clint eastwood in this video around 1:42, and me (bad lighting, oh well) around 2:13 clapping for bradley cooper, because his acting in american sniper is amazing. tom and i both look so happy. how hilarious is it that i was on access hollywood!!



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