Sunday, February 8, 2015

all in a days work my friends

I am going easy on myself peeps. Keep it simple. My daughter is fine now but I was up till 12:30 worrying about a possible anaphylaxis situation with her. I was the only parent home because my husband is in London. I had to set the clock for 4:30 for a benedryl shot, got woken up at 6:00 by my daughter calling for me and then my son was up by 7:45. We got up, i fed everyone, put on clothes and sunscreen, (yep, i love in los angeles), and got to the playground. Then i asked a pal to check the web for a status update....

Then my husband won a BAFTA.  A British Academy Award. Pretty fucking cool.

Also, a mom from my daughter’s school was so kind as to drop by with an ipad and instructions on how to stream the awards. I did not ask for this, she just did it. That blew my mind, talk about thoughtful! Thank you. I still have not seen his speech but I saw a photo, he looks beautiful. I wish I was there to share the moment, but I am sharing it from my home in a different way. I am so proud of him and happy for him. I have no more words for today, the feelings are so big and beautiful and I miss him.

melancholy, I know. I am posting this more for the beauty of this song.

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