Friday, February 27, 2015

Death comes Sweeping Down the hallway in its Sunday best

Leonard Nimoy passed away today. I am completely unqualified to write about him. I have never watched Star Trek. But I am going to write about him because today listening to people talk about him on the radio, he truly touched my life. That is powerful. Life is beautiful. I so appreciate the gift of when someone lives a life that inspires so I am going to share the things I heard to day.

1.   Live long and prosper. Nimoy actually brought this line to the character. This line is the best tag line ever!! What a perfect blessing to extend to everyone you know and meet. Now I have to become a Star Trek fan. My sister has been telling me things my whole life but did I listen? My husband will be so happy.
2.   Infinite diversity!!!!!!!!!!!!! A vulcan concept Nimoy often spoke about and delibratley brought this radical concept of inclusion to the franchise. Room for everyone. Yes. And Thank you.
3.   His acting was superb. The Vulcan idea of not suppressing emotion but of logical rational control of emotion is a skill I will strive my whole life to master. The man paradoxically acted out this concept with so much emotion and humanity. Wow!
4.   Leonard was more than Spock. He was an actor, a director, a singer and a photographer. I love people who explore all of their creativity and put it out there. Super cool. The Full Body Project, one of his photo projects, is again bringing diversity to the world, thank you. And yes, this song touched me. Leonard Nimoy reminded me to open my heart today. I can use that value on a daily basis. Thank you. Rest in Peace.

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