Tuesday, February 24, 2015

i pulled it off! here are some details...

So I pulled it off! Everything worked. I loved how I looked. It poured raining on my frizzy “Latina” hair and somehow I looked good. All a miracle. Today I feel beat up and tired, much recovery needed. I want to fill you in on everything. Forgive my slowness in the speedy modern world of technology.

First of all, no swag. None. Only the stars get it. What ever, who needs stuff?

Second, I have no dirt to dish, only kind words, the whole affair was top notch. Here goes…

Getting there took longer than expected due to the rain. There were all these protestors on the street as we sat in limo drop-off traffic. They had megaphones and ranted about sin. It was pouring rain and felt a bit like a Fellini film. We went with two friends and that made the whole event even more fun, almost like the prom I never went to, gowns, diamonds, tuxes and limos!

Everyone working the event was so kind. They handed us umbrellas until we got under the tent and walked us to the red carpet. Many famous people were going in by that time but a few people wanted to talk to Tom and take our photo. Again, very Felliniesque to be in that chaos with fans screaming and lights flashing. J Lo, Cumberbatch, Travolta, Reese, all strolled by looking great. We ran into Rene Russo and her husband, director of Night Crawler, Dan Gilroy on the security line and chatted because we had met at the Indie Spirit Awards the day before. We chatted with Mayor Garcetti too. Smashingly fun.

The actual show was really fun. We had great seats. After Tom won and Oprah said hi to me, things got crazy good, not because of my good fortune but because Common and John Legend’s performance was so powerful, worthy of the standing ovation. Then they won for best song and the speech was standing ovation quality as well.  Also, Lady Gaga was amazing and Julie Andrews was stunning. I was on my feet more than I was sitting and my hands hurt from clapping. But most of you saw all that. What you did not see was the mayor come back and take a photo with Tom and the Oscar but we will post it at some point.

When the show ended we were hungry but we hung out in the lobby talking and trying to meet up with our friends before going to the Governor Ball. We saw everyone walk by. Rosamund Pike’s dress was my favorite, other than mine and one vintage Chanel from the 5o’s. Eddie Murphy looked like a million dollars and everyone was very nice.

The Governor’s Ball was swingin’. Sergio Mendes played and will i am made an appearance. I did not drink but there was champagne everywhere and more for the asking. There were hors d’oeuvers coming by constantly and I ate a full meal and then some, including lobster salad and baked potatoes with caviar and potato pancakes with salmon. Then came dessert but I just had a few bites of chocolate for some energy. I was definitely in shock by this time. I could not tell if I was hungry or had over eaten. I was moving slow and had nothing to say and just wanted to sit on a quiet couch alone for a bit. It took us a while to organize our brains and call our limo and make our way out of there. There were coffee and espresso stations and white leather couches and heat lamps on Hollywood blvd as we waited for our car. Anything you wanted was there for you, free, with great service and a smile. We felt so spoiled….we were. I am too tired to go on… more tomorrow

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