Saturday, February 21, 2015

Indie Spirit, the final stretch, and urgent care...

Today was the Indie Spirit Awards. Let me back up. Tom has been running himself into the ground. He was running a fever last night and had pink eye. He went to bed after 1am and needed to be at an editing panel at 8:45, then Indie Spirit, then parties and dinners. At 4:30am he was up and miserable and wondering if he should go to urgent care. I suggested that he needed to cancel everything today so he would not end up in the hospital. I really want him to be alive.

Also, I just wanted to mention that my son has been congested and I am sleeping with a chopped onion by the bed and the vaporizer on, so every night I am steaming in onion smell. I am also run down and have been eating raw garlic each night so I smell like onion and garlic. We are all a bit of a mess, but surviving and thriving, somehow.

Anyway, Tom was up for the panel this morning and said he felt better. He is drawing from his very last reserves right now. I get it, this is his moment. I had a sitter come at 8am and I went back to bed and then I could not get up. I set the clock but I just could not do it. By the time I woke, I had 50 minutes to be ready to get leave for the Indie Spirit Awards. A car was getting me at 12:10 and then picking Tom up at the panel at 12:45 to get us to the awards, a tent on the beach in Santa Monica by 2:00, with a soft start at 1:45, whatever that meant. Well we would find out.

I was about 20 minutes late, but the driver said take your time. I was so unorganized and I left the house without checking anything, without my shoes on, without my makeup finished, I just could not do it. I finished everything in the car. I knew that if we left at 12:30, we would still get tom by 12:45, so everything was cool….except..

We got to the Indie Spirit tent a few minutes after 1:30 and the lot was empty, everyone was inside. A publicist came up to us and said, “well, they announced the first award and you won, congratulations”. Yep, he missed his award. Missed it by about 5 minutes. It was my fault. Tom did not even bat an eyelash. I felt terrible but he was thrilled to win and said not to worry about it. That’s my guy.

The “soft” start was actually 1:30, and editing was the first award. This part of the event was not televised. Director Damien Chazelle accepted for him. Tom walked in a winner and shook a million hands as we made our way to our seats.

The rest of the event was great. Food, fun and film, c’mon!. I sat at the same table as lovely Scarlett Johansson, the great Wim Wenders and the great Bennett Miller, director of Money Ball and Fox Catcher.  Forgot to say anything to them. My brain was on overload, less from star struck than from overdrive. I got to see so many talented people and had a conversation with director Jason Reitman about stunning photography, like Eggleston and Arbus, but my brain was so tired I could not recall the names of photographers I love like Jamel Shabazz or Danny Lyons. Oh well, next time.

Tom is at urgent care right now. Knowing him, he will make it through tomorrow and can collapse on Monday. The finish line is close. Tom is a winner no matter what happens tomorrow. This whole thing is fun and great and crazy and perfect. Thank you everyone!

Ps. just found out the watch I am wearing is $52,000. glamour..

pss. I had a tee shirt I made for myself in 7th grade that I dyed purple and wrote in marker “this ain’t rock and roll, this is genocide”

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