Saturday, February 28, 2015

junkes, prostitutes, chocolate- Viva la harm reductione

Harm reduction is what they call it when an option is provided to help someone do less harm to themselves while unable to stop a behavior, like providing clean needles to junkies to help prevent AIDS. Yes it would be great to stop the junkie from shooting heroine, but in the meantime, lets help them do it with less risk.  I am a supporter of that work. I did harm reduction volunteer work with my transgender friend, handing out condoms to the transgender prostitutes in the meatpacking district back when transgender prostitutes frequented that area.

I suggest everyone try this work. It feels great to help others. Also, I wish the whole world saw sex workers and transgender people as same as and equal and spoke of them with the same respect we spoke of our loved ones with. Why wouldn't you, right? but alas, some people don't. I wish that people who were not completely comfortable with sex workers and/or transgender people tried serving their community and getting to know them because knowledge breeds empathy. (In fact, try serving ANY community you might feel superior to, or have judgment of. Getting to know people as human beings is the best way to bring down the walls and mend separation.)

What was funny is that the condoms we handed out were flavored Vanilla and Chocolate. Which brings me to the reason I am recalling this. It is silly but my dear friend Viva named eating certain kinds of food as harm reduction. Instead of commercial cookies or sweets loaded with sugar and fat and gmos and whatever, I try to eat organic whole grain food sweetened with a softer ingredient like fruit sugar or honey, etc. It feels better.  That is how I eat 98% of the time. I am not eating that way this week.

Right now my home is like a chocolate factory and I am like Lucy Ricardo or Curious George eating every candy in sight. People keep sending us champagne and truffles. I am eating several to many chocolate truffles at least once a day if not twice. I probably do not fit in my Oscar dress anymore. I love all the kind thoughts and well wishes and gifts, but it is hard to have a home overflowing with delicious treats at a time when I am run down, exhausted, recuperating and reacclimating to my life after such a trip. I am weak to temptation. I cannot stop. The very best I can muster would be harm reduction. Please send help. Vanilla or Chocolate.

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