Saturday, February 7, 2015


So my husband is in London and I took the kids and myself for Japanese for dinner. About 1 hour later we were in the tub and my daughter complained of being very itchy, which she does once in a while. I usually think it is because she might have a bug bite and is tired and is exaggerating. Kids exaggerate all the time. If you put your hands on their shoulders to move past them “OWWWW! That HURT!!” There is lots of drama and such with the pre school crew.

Then I saw that she had a hive and redness on her face and I understood that it was an allergic reaction to something in the food probably. I did not worry about anything serious because I thought that if you eat something and have a dangerous allergic reaction to it, it is immediate. I gave her a natural anti-inflammatory remedy, more to have a placebo effect than a real one, because the kids really love meds and fixes and have strong reactions to the placebos. I also put body lotion on the itchy parts for the same reason. All this happened as we were getting ready for bed and when she lay down she said she was dizzy and needed an ice pack. Ice packs are the fix all for her, so again, I did not worry or think much of it and figured she was just tired, probably not dizzy. She got the ice pack and fell asleep. I put the baby to bed and then I went on line and googled hives and dizziness and found this:

If hives are an early sign of a whole-body reaction, other symptoms to look for include swelling of the tongue, lips or face; wheezing; dizziness; chest tightness; and breathing difficulties. If these symptoms occur, get immediate medical attention. You could be developing anaphylaxis, a life-threatening condition.

One sight even said that if even ONE of these other symptoms occurred get medical attention immediately! I am terrible with stuff like this so I woke my sister in NY who is good with sussing out illness stuff. She suggested benedryl, which I did not have and said if my daughter is breathing ok then I do not need to worry. I checked on my daughter with a flashlight and she was breathing fine and her face hive seemed to be gone, but it was hard to tell if she was swollen or red. I was not 100% positive. Also I did not like the idea of “developing” anaphylaxis. I thought you just got it fast. That it could develop is really scary.

Our pediatrician on call service only goes till 8pm, so I called my doctor. The doctor on call could not even answer my question because my daughter was younger than 13. I asked if they could just hear what was going on and he said no. So I called the pediatrician past the time and she answered and said the dizziness was a sign of histamine and she said to use benedryl to avoid a trip to the emergency room, which could happen given what I told her, if things developed further.

So here I am alone with two sleeping kids. I called two local friends but they did not answer, so I went outside and looked for a neighbor with the light on. There was only one. I had no idea whose apartment it was but I knocked.

I am a friendly neighbor, but some neighbors are just weirdoes who you say hi to and they say nothing. Do you know the type? So I knocked on the door not knowing who might answer and as fate had it a kind neighbor that I am friendly with answered the door. I started to cry when I explained what was happening, and realized how scared I was. She was so cool and ran to the store for me. It is always so hard to ask for help but people are so great and want to help. So please if you need help, ask.

When I went back into the apartment, my daughter was waking up crying about how itchy she was and I was so glad that I had already done the footwork and the meds were on their way. Just then the baby woke so me and my daughter went into the bed with him and helped him fall back to sleep. Just as he did, the neighbor came with the meds and made sure we were ok and did not need anything else and said she would check on us in the morning. I gave my daughter the dose the doctor had told me, because the package said no to give it to kids her age unless told by a doctor. God I was glad to have all the information I needed.

She feel asleep so fast and I type this out as a meditative relaxer.
If you need help, ask. People want to help you. I hope this post helps someone.

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