Monday, February 2, 2015

lunch with Oprah

Forgive my sensational headlines but yes indeed I had lunch with Oprah, Clint Eastwood, Bradley Cooper, Robert Duvall, Steve Carell, Michael Keaton, Marion Cotillard and almost all of the 2015 Oscar nominees today at the Oscar nominee luncheon! What a great event. Let me preface this post by saying that Oprah is one of my absolute heros. I know she is not perfect but I adore her for all she has done for women, African Americans and the world. Oprah is a superlegend a powerhouse and a force to be reckoned with!!

So my husband and I went to the lunch and it was so fun. The food was delicious and the speakers were funny and brief and to the point and then they called out every attendee's name and invited them to the stage to take a group portrait, which you can see here:

Tom is two rows above the Oscar statue’s head, almost directly above it in a grey suit with a black tie and just above him and a one person to the left of him in the top row is Clint Eastwood. (fast forward to photo number 5 if the group photo is not coming up)

Ok so, I got to gush at Laura Poitras, director of Citizenfour, I got to say hi to Ellar Coltrane who is the boy from boyhood, and Micheal Keaton. I got to chat with the lovely folk at our table which included Leonard Maltin and Patricia Arquette. Also, I got winked at by a young player, which was so kind of him. But the drop dead moment was when my husband was called to the stage and as he passed by Oprah she stopped him and shook his hand and said something to him!!! HOLY MOTHER OF GOD! it was amazing but then suddenly it was the first time on this journey as wife that I felt jealous. I adore Oprah and I was thrilled for my husband but then I realized that I wanted her to be shaking MY hand. I was seduced by the fame angle. I started to question why I wasn’t doing anything with my life and I felt like a failure for not being recognized for anything. I started spiraling down in slow motion…Oh fuck…it.. is…. so… easy… to… go…there…. Down that spiral into the hell of the m  i  n d…

Alas, but quickly I righted my fragile ship of a self, on the verge of capsizing over attention from Oprah! I quickly remembered that I have always done my dreams. I am living my very dream of having a family right now, and before that I indulged myself in so many adventures and creative projects and followed my heart every step of the way in this amazing gift of a life. How silly of me to abandon my truth so quickly. My achievements just look different and my recognition is different too, but there is no reason to judge them. I guess I am just human, susceptible to all the tricks of the trade. So my hero Oprah thinks my husband’s work is terrific, that is basically what she whispered to him. I forget the words he told me, all a blur, but you get the gist. How grand is that!

Anyway, if all of my bragging is making you feel less than, please stop beating yourself up and be kind to yourself. We are all magnificent, really. I write this to remind myself. Onward and upward!

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