Wednesday, February 4, 2015

luncheon part 3

One other cool thing happened at the luncheon I went to on Monday. I sat next to a stranger who was talking about a woman who, as it turns out, i knew of and I casually did not like. The person being discussed had been rude to my husband once and I am not a fan of anyone who is unkind to my peeps. The person I sat next to told me a story which basically explained why the person had been rude, what had been going on, and then told me all this great stuff about her, how she is a leader who helps women better their stations in life and helps them thrive, a quality I so value.

It was amazing to have this insight, to see how people are just doing their best and to see how sometimes amazing people can act imperfect and to see how my rash judgments can be so off the mark. We both made mistakes, yes? We all do, sometimes.

I never really thought about this woman. My feelings about her were mild, she was just a person who did a thing that I did not like and I never really thought about her again. I have never even met her. And then someone I barely knew told me all about her and changed my whole perception of her.

I love when something like this happened because it broadens my view of EVERYTHING.  Nothing is black and white, nothing is necessarily what it seems. In the end I always come back to the idea (which I do not know who to give credit to, bob dylan’s grandmother, maybe?) -be kind to everyone you meet on the path of life, you have no idea of what the people you encounter have to bear, their struggles, their burdens, their baggage, their pain.

if I can save you any time.......

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