Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Miracle: My Oscar Dress

So remember when I told you about the first possible Oscar dress I saw, a vintage 100 year old silk and sequin dress that I loved, but was too impractical because it was online and non exchangeable and $1800?

Read about it here:

Well, with your help I am wearing it to the Oscars.

This grand Oscars thing was thrust at me and here I am practically planning a wedding, a shotgun one I supposed since I got about a one month notice, a wedding I did not anticipate or save for. I am going to a fancy party with the richest people in town, with the best of everything and yes, I wouldn’t mind looking nice.

So when I posted the photos of an unattainable dream of a dress (really unattainable because even if I got it, it might not fit and it was un-returnable), many of you kind people contacted me and said how you would chip in to help me buy it. I did not expect that but it got me thinking that MAYBE there was a way the dress would work out. But, no, it was still impossible because even if you all chipped in for my dress, what if it did not fit? In any given day shopping, I could try on 20 dresses and not find a good fit and this particular dress was a one of a kind that I only had a photo of. Still impossible.

So I went dress shopping in the stores and everything I looked at was terrible on me and my specific body. Then I tried on some fancy free dress loans from a wonderful and helpful friend and stylist and felt a little better. I was not in despair anymore but was not elated. They were not exactly my taste but I was relieved that at least I had an option. I continued to search.

Then, without my even asking, I got an email from the online store saying that they would make an exception and give me a 24 hour window to return the dress if it did not fit! Now the unattainable dress could maybe be a reality. It was still out of my budget and I did not know if it would fit, but because of you, because of your kind generosity, I had the nerve to order the dress. Just to see..

And guess what. It fits perfectly, like it was hand made for me.!!!! It is more stunning than the photos can even reflect, so incredibly flattering and exquisite. I suspect it will be the most beautiful dress at the Oscars. At least it will be to me. What I am talking about here is a dress MIRACLE!! A DRESS MIRACLE, people!! And it happened because of you, because you all wanted me to look special at this big crazy event.

I appreciate what you have given me already, the idea to get the dress.  Not only did you give offers to chip in, but you gave encouraging words about your excitement for me and your wanting me to look nice. I appreciate every kind comment. Your support on every level has meant so much to me.

So I am putting it out there. No pressure. No one is sick or out of work or helping disadvantaged kids. This is a pure fun and extravagant crowd funding, a support of the belief that we can manifest exactly what we need and we can support each other in that quest. If you want to be a piece of my Hollywood history or you just want to support my blog, you can send funds through paypal. My business email is sugarcookied@hotmail.com. Or if you want to pay a different way private message me on facebook or at hotmail. Thank you and I love you!!!

And yes, I am giving incentives, if you want one. I will personally email each of you to thank you and send a photo of me in the dress. I will keep an update on my blog and include your gift, if you want me to, otherwise let me if you want to keep it anonymous to the public. Also, for a gift of $10+ I will thank you on my blog. For a gift of $20+, I will write a blog about you, or you and I (if you want). For a gift of $50+ I will write about you and send you one of my cds, (my punk band Fur or my singer songwriter solo cd). For a gift of $100+ and above, I will do all of that  and write a blog whatever YOU want me to write about. Remind me of something. And for all you editing geeks out there, for a gift of $500+, you can have an hour conversation with my husband, BAFTA winning, Academy Award nominated editor (we are just being crazy here, but hey, if you want it, he’ll do it. Tell your friends, make us an offer.).Thank you for making this dress a reality for me. xxxH

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