Sunday, February 1, 2015

my first black tie rambling summary

So my first black tie was interesting. We went to the Beverly Hilton, where they have the Golden Globes and the food and service was great. Getting there was intense. I have not gotten very dressed up and polished in at least 5 years. I put on my slip and dress and shoes for the first time together and luckily it worked. I put on my mascara and eyelashes and eyeliner and then remembered I forgot to put on my eye shadow. Silly, I know but a real problem. And I for got to use hand crème and had dry scaly hands. I figured they would have something in the ladies room and they did not! The whole thing was a great rehearsal dinner for the big event.  The best part was that I was comfortable in my skin despite my ill preparedness, exhaustion and much yawning.

My husband did not win the statue, which was more great practice. The goal for this and all of life is desire and detachment. Want it all but be ok with nothing. I want to look amazing but I am fine if I look like a tired mom. I want my husband to win but if he doesn’t we are both fine. Dream big dear ones and be happy where you are.

The beauty of all of these nominations is that my husband’s hard work is getting recognized and let me just brag here and say that Whiplash is the only film to be nominated for Editing by Oscar, Eddie, Indie Spirit, Critics Choice and Bafta. More importantly as a few friends have said, his nominations remind everyone who knows us that dreams can come true, that if Tom can do it, I can do it and you can do it. It brought teas to my eyes when one of Tom’s oldest friends hugged me and said with such love and pride, and I paraphrase… if Tom can do this than I can do my dreams. One of the goals in my life is to be of service to help others rise, pull them up with me as I move up. To me one of the highest honors is to elevate another- and my husband’s journey is doing that for some people, expanding their dreams, giving them hope, making them try harder, inspiring them. So cool.

Did you know me when I used to wake at 1 or 4pm, get out of the house by midnight, dance all night and get breakfast at Kiev at sunrise and do it all over again the next day. Alas, I could still live that way, not really but I would be happy going to bed at 1 or 2 each night but I force myself to get to bed by midnight for the kids, so.....

Did I mention that we did not get home till after 1am and got to bed by 2. My daughter woke me at 3, my son woke me at 4 and then after we all got back to sleep my son was up at 7 so I was too (he usually sleeps till 8 or 8:30!).  My husband had to get up at 9 to do community work at my daughter's preschool. I had a friend come by at 9 to watch the kiddies so I could get some sleep, but I had to get up at 10 to go to work. Ah the glamourous life!

ps, us on the red carpet if you didn't see it already:

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