Monday, February 9, 2015

Oscar dresses and Bafta banter

My husband came home from London today (with a BAFTA, btw). Do I feel like writing? No!!! But he is making school lunch so I am stealing away for a sec to post, because it seems that’s what I do right now: write everyday.

So yesterday I forgot to mention that within seconds of hearing that my husband won this prestigious award, within seconds my daughter came running over to tell me she had to go potty #2 really bad. We were in a new park that I had never been to before and it had no bathroom. Then a second later my son fell off of a raised area where we were sitting, about curb height and landed face first on concrete. So I picked up the screaming child and packed up the other to go find a bathroom. I am really relating to that old Roseanne bit Domestic Goddess. The two worlds I am straddling right now are quite funny together.

Also, I did not mention this conversation with my daughter.

Her: Is Obama boss of the police?
Me: Well….eeeeeeemmmnnn, (translation: a hideous grunt to express the idea of theoretically and the reality of how loaded that concept is, not to mention the technical part about specific powers of the different branches of government)
Her (oblivious to the immensity of what we are talking about): Is he the boss of Martin Luther King?
Me: Well……yes. (Seeing her little inquisitive face just wanting an answer I went with keeping it age appropriate and simple.)
Her: Are Obama and Martin Luther King friends?
Me: Yes, definitely.
Her: I know they are friends.

Man, I love that kid.

By the way, did you see Citizenfour where the lawyer is explaining to the judge how the case should not be decided in a court? Mind-blowing.

Oh, did I mention that I tried on more Oscar dresses today, (it's not the first time) guess you will have to tune in tomorrow if you want to hear about it. Sorry but I am tired and rambling. MaƱana! 

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